September 03, 2008

Why You Should Never Take Legal Advice From Anarchists

So in the course of my daily news crawl I stumbled across the Twin Cities Indymedia page (And as such I'll need to take a shower).   What I found was a photo essay of "the battle of St. Paul", translated from monbatspeak; the Republican National Convention.  It contained all the usual "we're being hassled by the man" and "this is a police state" crap, but what really caught my eye was this bit of profoundly bad legal advice:

1. Immediately Demand To See A Judge (Courts Are Presumed To Be
Open 24/7 - 365 Days/Per Year.) Why Argue Complex Legal Issues
With Someone With Average Intelligence?

2. If Refused, Tell The Cop: "Thank You, You Have Just Earned Your
Judges A Complaint With The Board Of Judicial Standards. A Complaint Will Be Filed As Soon As I Am Released.”

3. Ignore Any And All Threats And Attempts At Intimidations.

4. Do Not Even Give Your Name. Anything You Say Or Write, Even Your
Name Can Be Used Against You In Court Or As A Psychological Weapon
Against You. Give Your Name Only To The Judge.

5. On Every Piece Of Paper Presented To You Write: “Void: Signed
Under Threat, Duress, and Coercion” Sign It With Your First And Last
Name But Replace Your Middle Name With “Duress.”

6. Refuse A Lawyer.

7. Tell The Judge "I Am Arresting You For Obstruction Of Justice." Ignore Any And All Threats And Attempts At Intimidations From The Judge. Ignore Any Court "Rulings" As They Are Invalid. Good Job!

What a good idea, what could possibly go wrong?  I can only hope that these stinky, mask wearing brats actually take this advice.  I would pay good money to see the look on the anchistas faces when this kind of conduct blows up in their face...

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