October 26, 2008

Adventures In South Bay Dining

So the little woman decided she wanted to eat sushi the other night, but she didn't want to go to any of our usual spots.  Normally, I'd have just gone to Kanpachi in Gardena, as it is the best Sushi I've had outside of Japan, but the wife wanted to try something new so the search was on.  Long story short, we wound up here:

Hakone Sushi

Here we have Hakone Sushi in Torrance, CA.  Not the most impressive storefront on earth, but what the heck...  Anyway I refrained from taking pictures inside as people were trying to eat, just suffice it to say that the interior is similarly unimpressive.  Furthermore, they served Teriyaki, Tempura, and Udon along with Sushi.  Normally, this is a warning sign that the Sushi isn't that great.  A proper Sushi place should pretty much just serve Sushi in my opinion, but Hakone's Sushi was pretty darn good.  The real stand out was the Shiro Maguro (Albacore):

Shiro Maguro

This was so good, I felt compelled to take a picture of it.  If you find yourself in Torrance, and you're in the mood for mid priced, quality Sushi, you should check out Hakone.

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October 20, 2008

A Moment Of Silence...

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with a heavy heart that I bring the news of the passing of a true titan of cinema.  It seems that Rudy Ray Moore has Just joined the choir invisible.  Gaze upon his work, and know that there will be another like him...

RIP Rudy Ray Moore.

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September 12, 2008

Why I Love Living In The South Bay

One of the many reasons I love living in my little corner of the greater metropolitan area of Los Angeles is the food.  Case in point, Ramen...

Miso Ramen

Here we have a fine example of Sapporo style Miso Ramen That I got at a food court in a grocery store in Torrance.  It seems this grocery store is having a Hokkaido festival, and they've let a Ramen shop from Sapporo (Sumire Ramen) set up shop in the food court for the duration of the festival.

Sumire Ramen

There are some mighty fine Ramen shops around here, but it is nice to be able to get a bowl of genuine Sapporo Ramen without the trip to Hokkaido.  Tomorrow I'm going back for a bowl of butter corn miso ramen (they were out today).  Should you find yourself in Torrance, check it out.

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September 03, 2008

Why You Should Never Take Legal Advice From Anarchists

So in the course of my daily news crawl I stumbled across the Twin Cities Indymedia page (And as such I'll need to take a shower).   What I found was a photo essay of "the battle of St. Paul", translated from monbatspeak; the Republican National Convention.  It contained all the usual "we're being hassled by the man" and "this is a police state" crap, but what really caught my eye was this bit of profoundly bad legal advice:

1. Immediately Demand To See A Judge (Courts Are Presumed To Be
Open 24/7 - 365 Days/Per Year.) Why Argue Complex Legal Issues
With Someone With Average Intelligence?

2. If Refused, Tell The Cop: "Thank You, You Have Just Earned Your
Judges A Complaint With The Board Of Judicial Standards. A Complaint Will Be Filed As Soon As I Am Released.”

3. Ignore Any And All Threats And Attempts At Intimidations.

4. Do Not Even Give Your Name. Anything You Say Or Write, Even Your
Name Can Be Used Against You In Court Or As A Psychological Weapon
Against You. Give Your Name Only To The Judge.

5. On Every Piece Of Paper Presented To You Write: “Void: Signed
Under Threat, Duress, and Coercion” Sign It With Your First And Last
Name But Replace Your Middle Name With “Duress.”

6. Refuse A Lawyer.

7. Tell The Judge "I Am Arresting You For Obstruction Of Justice." Ignore Any And All Threats And Attempts At Intimidations From The Judge. Ignore Any Court "Rulings" As They Are Invalid. Good Job!

What a good idea, what could possibly go wrong?  I can only hope that these stinky, mask wearing brats actually take this advice.  I would pay good money to see the look on the anchistas faces when this kind of conduct blows up in their face...

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September 01, 2008

Possible Break In The Zodiac Case?

Seems like it could just be an attention seeking nutcase, but the FBI is taking it seriously enough to do DNA tests.  I guess we'll see....

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August 22, 2008

Strange things make me happy...

On my way to work this morning I saw something you don't often see these days.  At first I thought I was hallucinating, but sure enough I was staring a a mint condition YUGO:


Unfortunately, this was the best photo I could get.  It's hard to take pictures in stop and go traffic when you're driving a car with a manual transmission.  The photo doesn't do the car justice, the YUGO appeared to be in mint condition.  Considering that these cars looked ten yeas old within a week of driving them off the dealer's lot, this specimen was truly remarkable.  Maintaining a YUGO can't be easy (what with the abject lack of spares available), so the guy driving it must really love this car.  I must say, driving one of these in the greater Los Angeles Area is one bold fucking statement.  I have nothing but respect for the brave soul that pilots this YUGO.

I felt like I caught a glimpse of some long extinct animal when I saw this car.  Kind of like spotting a coelacanth on your morning commute or something.  Strangely enough, this sighting made me happy for the rest of the day.  Yes, I've got serious problems...

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Naruto fandom goes horribly wrong

Ok, we want to run the drug dealers out of our neighborhood, so what would be the best way to go about it?  I know, NINJUTSU!

Clifton police said they arrested two men dressed liked ninjas and armed with Asian martial arts weapons who said they were sending a warning to drug users.

Sounds like a solid plan, right?  It seems that law enforcement didn't think so, and they threw the shinobi into the clink.  Just another example of the man keeping ninjas down...

(H/T Hot Air)

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Inaugural Post - My new Ride

Since this is my first post and all, I figured that now would be a good time to post a photo of my new ride...

Rapid Death

She's a fine example of a 1977 Yamaha RD 400, and her name is "Rapid Death".  I've wanted an RD 400 for about twenty years now, and I've got to say that I'm well pleased with this bike.  Definitely worth the 20 year wait...

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